Managing Personal Safety

Disruptive Passengers & Workplace Violence

1 Day SQA Accredited Course for the transport sector

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Disruptive Passenger & Workplace Violence

Safety and security in aviation is a priority. Disruptive passengers and workplace violence can manifest in any working environment but is of particular concern in the transport sector when confronted with the possibility of disgruntled, distressed and unruly passengers. On rare occasions, we can face situations that are challenging and potentially have the risk to cause real harm. Many terms are used when dealing with individuals that pose a threat to our safety and security; difficult customers, unruly behaviour, unruly passengers, disruptive passengers, workplace violence.
The consequences of workplace violence and disruptive passengers can be damaging both physically as well as psychologically and can have a long-term effect on an individual's confidence and mental health.

Disruptive Passenger Incidents

This practical face-to-face course will give staff the tools and confidence they need to help manage disruptive passenger incidents. They will learn how to prevent workplace violence through effective defusing and de-escalating strategies -understanding, identifying and acting on potentially volatile situations.

Tel:+44 (0) 131 2735157

Workplace Violence Prevention Training

Workplace Violence Prevention Training will provide individuals with the tools to carry out the following:

  • Identify the causes and triggers of disruptive behaviour and workplace violence
  • Identify the early indicators of disruptive behaviour and workplace violence
  • Identify the relevant legislation that relates to disruptive passengers and workplace violence
  • Demonstrate the resolution of a disruptive passenger incident, including application of a risk-based approach and the tactics to resolve the issue

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