Insider Threat Training for Aviation

Online Course suitable for all industries in the aviation sector

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Insider Threat Training

CAMOR has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading online training developers to develop an online Insider threat training course, for all staff within the aviation sector. The course is assessable and is ‘state of the art’, requiring active participation by the ‘learner’. It has been designed to embrace advanced and evolving learning technology to raise insider threat awareness amongst staff in the aviation industry. Much of the learning is provided through the examination of insider threat case studies and scenario-based learning. At the conclusion of the course, all participants should be aware of the basics in relation to insider threat mitigation and what their role is to combat this threat. Both malicious and Non-Malicious Insider activity is considered within the course content.

Tel:+44 (0) 131 2735157
Email: info@camor.co.uk

Insider Threat Aviation

Insider threat in aviation has been recognised by the UK Aviation sector, with mandatory awareness training programmes in place since January 2022. Insider threats continue to challenge security countermeasures, exploit potential vulnerabilities, and increase their knowledge of security procedures for their own illegitimate purposes.Setting values and creating a strong security culture within an organisation is fundamental.

Benefits of Insider Threat Training

Insider threat training benefits both the individual and organisation.

  • Business protection from reputational, organisational and financial damage
  • Employee protection from insider incidents
  • 'Insider aware' workforces providing extra security coverage
  • Effective strategies in response to insider activities
  • Understanding of how to protect and support vulnerable employees as a means of threat mitigation

CAMOR have a range of training products for mitigating insider risk within the aviation sector, download the brochure below or Contact Us for further details. Visit our aviation sector training page for details of all CAMOR's courses available in this area.