CAMOR take part in the Speakers for Schools Inspiration Programme

At the start of the month, CAMOR’s CEO Paul McDonald, ran a webinar as part of his voluntary work in the National “Speakers for Schools Inspiration Programme” where he was raising awareness of the dangers posed to young people on Social Media platforms, as well as how to manage personal safety.


The Speakers for Schools Inspiration Programme provides a network of today’s most inspiring figures across business, arts, politics and more, donating their time to help inspire students to fuel their ambition. Speakers in the network range from CEOs of major companies to notable national journalists, arts people, scientists, leading entrepreneurs and academics.

Paul’s webinar was very well received by the group, and due to the positive feedback from the students, he has been invited to deliver further webinars later in the year.

The content was adapted for young people from CAMOR’s state of the art online courses.

Some of the key themes from the webinar were:

  • Raising awareness of social engineering – younger individuals can be targeted as they can be perceived as being more easily influenced. Young people should be careful not to unwittingly share contact details online as this could compromise their safety.
  • Social media – once posted on social media, a controversial opinion could come back to haunt young people when they are for example being vetted for employment.
  • Geolocation – posting photographs online that can be geolocated can cause issues for young people in terms of giving away their current location, or the fact that their homes may be unoccupied if the family is away on holiday
  • Online abuse – it is important to protect yourself from online abuse and reach out and seek support if it does occur.
  • The importance of passwords – passwords are essential to protect electronic devices and it is important that passwords are not revealed to other individuals and that they are complex enough not to be easily guessed or hacked.
A worthy cause advising our next generation on how to stay safe both physically and online.

Paul McDonald, CAMOR CEO

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