Coming Soon - Interactive online Aviation Employee Vulnerability & Insider Risk Awareness training

Physical security presents an overt barrier and reassuring presence in protecting the Aviation Industry against a variety of threats. The “hidden” threat from an Insider can overcome these measures and present significant risk to an Airport, Airline and key partners.

Insiders continue to challenge security countermeasures, exploit potential vulnerabilities, and increase their knowledge of security procedures for their own purposes. The first line of defence to an Insider threat are the employees themselves. Setting values and creating a strong security culture within an organisation is fundamental to the success of an Employee Vulnerability and Insider Risk campaign.

CAMOR Limited are recognised for our expertise in this area as members of the CPNI approved Register of Security Engineers and Specialists.

Our new interactive online Aviation Employee Vulnerability and Insider Risk Awareness training delivers an understanding of what motivates an insider, the methods of attack, and awareness of behavioural indicators. This enables an organisation and employees to develop a basic understanding of the risk, and prevent or mitigate insider activity, reinforcing the message that protecting the Aviation industry is everyone’s responsibility.

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Coming Soon - Interactive online Aviation Employee Vulnerability & Insider Risk Awareness training
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