Continuous Professional Development - What does it mean to CAMOR

When we are in formal education, we are all used to continuously learning and developing in order to hone our skills and get to the point where we achieve qualifications that will lead us onto our winding career paths. This education is designed to give us a good grounding in the basics – science, maths, reading, writing, common sense, but during our professional careers we must then continue to strive to develop ourselves if we are to stay relevant and useful in our sometimes specialised roles and not stagnate.

There will always be new software or processes to learn in any job, training to be refreshed so it is not forgotten, and new areas to delve into as the need or want arises.

The CAMOR philosophy of continuous professional development is built into the company internally and externally through everything we do -with clients for their employees’ professional development, to ensuring that CAMOR’s own employees and associates are well supported and have the skills and confidence to carry out an outstanding job.

CAMOR employees have been lucky enough to benefit from the Flexible Workforce Development Fund over the last year. In partnership with the City of Glasgow College, employees have benefited from professional finance training through the Association of Accounting Technicians, digital marketing and branding courses, teaching qualifications and other ‘soft skills’ development. CAMOR employees have also worked with Lyn Ray Coaching in some group sessions to aid personal and professional development.

Continuous development and investing in employees via training and skills enhancement allows employees to feel valued in a different way to monetary reward. Investing in yourself can sometimes be scary as it means that you need to put in the effort to see a return on the investment, you can think ‘Am I worth it?’. When an employer puts their money into developing you, it is demonstrating that they think you are worth it, it is a demonstration of faith and trust in your abilities as a learner and an employee. This can have a tremendous impact on job performance and the culture within a company.

CAMOR have recently received an Investors in People Gold Award for demonstrating our commitment to our employees, one aspect of which was related to our CPD strategy. This commitment for investment in CAMOR individuals transfers to investment in our client’s staff and employees too. Employees that attend CAMOR’s accredited courses get to walk away with an SQA(Scottish Qualifications Authority) qualification which can be taken with them to their next job opportunity; again the value of this goes beyond monetary reward, the qualification stays with the individual for life.

CAMOR, as an organisation and the individuals within it, embody a growth mindset. As a team we are not afraid to take on the unknown or figure out a better way to deliver for our clients. Many of our team members have pivoted into their roles from different industries or career paths. This agility shows in the way that CAMOR can pivot to meet market needs and deliver challenging projects.

As a company we also encourage our team and clients to make use of membership of professional bodies to continue personal and professional development. There are a wide range of development opportunities on offer through such organisations, from attendance at conferences or think tanks, to networking with individuals with a common goal and free training courses and material in subject specific matter but also softer skills.

CAMOR also believe that in order to develop, it is important for individuals and organisations to ask for help. Know your strengths but also know that it is impossible to know everything, and that is ok. Sometimes partnering with an organisation or employing the services of an individual with a different skill set can be what is needed for growth. Service is inbuilt within CAMOR’s DNA – our purpose is to ‘Empower people to create safer environments’ and as such we are always eager to assist and provide value to clients.

Through our training courses we have strived to create learning which engages and empowers; continuous professional development should not be seen as dry or a tick box exercise to meet regulatory requirements. With this ethos, learners are invested in the training, retain much more information and ultimately are better able to apply the information to achieve safer and more secure environments for us all, which is the ultimate goal.

For more information about how CAMOR can help with continuous professional development within your organisation please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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