THE IMPORTANCE OF Developing Quality Digital Security Courses

The mass migration to Online Training

E-learning has become an instrumental part of training and is more prominent and poignant than ever as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisations rapidly transitioned to digital learning in a bid to compliment a huge cultural shift to online working. Training content that was not originally designed for online delivery was forced and reshaped to accommodate this mass migration, but the effectiveness of these originally ‘face to face’ training solutions got lost in translation and diluted in the digital world. This resulted in zoom fatigue, uninspiring online training, lack of retention and motivation and a negative perception of e-learning for some students.

E-learning has become an effective tool to roll out accessible, auditable learning to the masses and has become a familiar facet of training for many employees.

The benefits of e-learning have been widely discussed and applauded. They include:

-    Reduction of operational costs

-    Reduction in carbon footprint

-    Accessibility on different devices in different locations

-    Learner autonomy

-    Ability to connect with different learning styles

-    Auditable and trackable on learning management systems

-    Appealing to the digital minded audiences

One of e-learning’s greatest strengths is the ability to engage and enhance learning through interactivity, gamification and design. Good e-learning inspires and creates a positive learning experience for the user. To unlock all the unique benefits of online training, diligence, innovation and creativity are needed to elevate the training and reap the rewards of good retention.

In an oversaturated e-learning arena, what sets apart effective quality digital training?

Quality over quantity. Research has shown that the speed and urgency in which many companies pivoted to e-learning, has resulted in a ‘quick solution’ mindset to facilitating learning online. The real magic and potential of e-learning lies in tapping into it’s unique ability to bridge gaming with learning, and to incorporate effective digital design elements such as animation, graphics and video. Interaction has to be at the core of the learning solution, and novel ways to communicate information need to be a priority for developers and providers. Click through exercises, repetitive imagery and generic aesthetics can become monotonous for learners, alienating many of the benefits that sets e-learning apart from traditional teaching.

CAMOR’s approach to e-learning

Through research and collaboration with leading content developers and designers, CAMOR have developed a plethora of security online training solutions, built on quality and originality, that are studentcentric. CAMOR are committed to creating e-learning with a difference, e-learning that is dynamic in both content and design as we continue to ‘inspire change in security culture through innovation’.

Our products include:

- An award nominated, digital training solution for GSAT- complete with a Bespoke LMS, Mobile Security App, and Gamified learning modules.

-    An animated, narrative based Insider Risk and Employee vulnerability course for the aviation industry

-    An Online General Security Awareness Course, featuring Protect Duty Themes

-    Cyber Hygiene for remote working

-    Insider Risk for all industries

-    Online Safety for Sports Professionals

-    Counter Terrorism Training featuring Protect Duty themes

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THE IMPORTANCE OF Developing Quality Digital Security Courses
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