Experiential Learning

An interesting article written by CAMOR's Director of Operations & Development, Joseph Gallagher, on experiential learning.

The world is truly a global village. We are so connected in todays’ world that events in places we have never heard of can affect our everyday lives, exemplified over the last few years in the form of a devastating pandemic. Post Pandemic skills fade is a very real issue for employers and staff.

At CAMOR Ltd we deliver initial foundational and developmental training which addresses knowledge gaps at the beginning and throughout a career path. However, in the field of safety and security, it is critical to translate concepts on the page into concrete practical reality.

I hear I forget; I see I remember; I do I understand’ is a favourite mantra and it is the physical and practical elements of training which promote understanding as well as promoting and investing a willingness to learn in staff.

CAMOR's gamification, structured exercises and role play exercises are essential elements of experiential learning and designed, with the client, to exercise performance and activity on the subject matter e.g. managing a simulated crisis as opposed to managing the exercise itself.

Our fully rated and vetted suite of courses ranging from 1 to 3 days in duration attract academic credit points and focus on the need to know and understand (micro teach), however real experiential learning is driven, through micro exercises designed to test thought processes, actions and understanding.

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