GSAT with a Difference

General Security Awareness Training, commonly known as GSAT,

is designed for staff working in the aviation industry and must be completed as a regulatory requirement.

CAMOR's solution to GSAT training

focuses on learning through an immersive online training platform providing visualisation and interaction for different scenarios and incidents utilising computer gamification technology. In the following sections we highlight the different aspects of CAMOR’s GSAT which will add extra value to your security offering.

The Training

  • Innovation allows individuals to consider and practice decision-making processes, responses and actions, utilising real world visualisation and experience of operational scenarios/incidents.
  • Interactive concept checking and gamified quizzes
  • Official auditable, tracked GSAT test at the end of every module, ensuring that all participants have demonstrated the required retention and competence in the GSAT training course.

Companion App

The CAMOR GSAT training solution includes a ‘Companion App’, for all staff, available from Google Play and iOS Apple App stores.

  • Developed to supplement GSAT training, providing staff with portable security information in the workplace, available at any ‘moment of need’.
  • Security is the responsibility of all staff and we recognise the demands on staff time and busy workplace environments. With this in mind, the App was developed to provide advice on how to respond to threats, as well as general aviation security advice and tips, in a straightforward and easy to access format.
  • Security measures and procedure are constantly evolving to counter the threats posed to aviation. To support this, the GSAT Companion App is reviewed, maintained and upated, to ensure that it’s content is always current.
  • We have also included security related ‘notifications’ which users receive on their mobile devices direct from company GSAT training administrators. These are marked as ‘Urgent’, ‘Be Aware’ or ‘Routine’ relative to the subject and content, alerting users to the priority of each message.

Learning Management System

Our intimate knowledge of the aviation industry and of aviation security has helped us to design a bespoke Learning Management System (LMS), which is easy to administrate and helps to demonstrate training compliance and mitigation of aviation risks.

Administrator features include:

  • Secure login
  • Bulk upload of existing user details, saving any requirement for manual entry of existing staff
  • Dashboard overview – including number of licences used/available, number of users ‘falling due’ for training, number of ‘active’ users and number of users who are ‘in certificate’.
  • Set/amend training renewal periods for individual users, including training renewal date ’override’ - to meet the needs of any local policy relating to training frequency, or to require a user to re-take training before their current training expires.
  • Administrator notifications – administrators are notified by system email when any user has failed to achieve training competency, or not completed training within 21 days.
  • Push notifications utility. Administrators can compose notifications, including hyperlinks, which can be sent immediately, or scheduled for release at specified date and time. A table of all previous notifications is also provided.
  • Ability to allocate users to ‘departments’ (or groups). This not only helps to manage the administration of GSAT training, but also allows push notifications to be ‘targeted’, if required.
  • LMS Help Centre, which includes administrator overview, article library, key word search and service request.
  • Export of system data for updating existing HR systems and for compliance analysis/reporting.
  • Biannual ‘analytics reports’ are provided to clients, which include training licence metrics, number and types of push notifications sent, companion app page views etc.

User features include:

  • Secure login
  • LMS training notifications – users are notified by system generated emails, including registration and when to undertake training.
  • Users access their immersive GSAT training modules from the LMS and once succesfully completed, can view/download their current training certificate at any time.
  • LMS Help Centre - includes user overview, article library, key word search and service request.

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