Homeworking - An Insider's Charter?

An interesting perspective from CAMOR's Director of Strategic Development, David BaMaung:

"I believe that the practice of homeworking, as well as presenting significant opportunities, can present unique challenges. 

Due to the global pandemic, most businesses have had to radically change their employees working practices, resulting in remote or home-based working becoming the norm rather than the exception. For the vast majority of employees, this has been a positive move, both for the employee themselves and for their employers.  

However, there may be a small minority of employees who feel disenfranchised or disaffected with their organisation. Current homeworking arrangements can increase these negative sentiments and present the individuals with a greater opportunity to 'get back' at their employer.  

Dependent on the type of business, there is also a potential for external threat actors ranging from low-level criminals, to sophisticated hostile intelligence actors,to target employees engaged in homeworking, due to their less secure working environment. 

Setting aside security practices and protocols that are currently required for safe and secure homeworking, the new home-work environment also presents challenges regarding line management, recruitment, pre-employment screening, and wider human resources management issues.  

From a welfare perspective, it is critical that line managers keep in regular contact with their employees both in normal day-to-day activities and also through one-to-one communication, to ensure the mental and physical well-being of workers.

Unless organisations properly manage their homeworking arrangements and provide support for their staff while they are potentially isolated from physical and social interaction with colleagues, they could also be faced with a perfect storm of employee related risks.

With a more uncertain future, it is almost certain that homeworking will be with us for many years to come. It will therefore be essential that it is managed in such a way as to encourage a new form of remote workplace culture and engagement between remote members of staff. "

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