How has Coronavirus changed our Learning and Development Approach

Our Director of Strategic Development David BaMaung has given details on how CAMOR's learning and development strategy is evolving as a result of Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus has affected many companies in different ways. Within CAMOR it has focused the way we deliver our training, and the way e present content. When I first started studying as a mature student, the University still used acetate slides and learning was delivered face to face in a classroom!

I have always enjoyed face to face training, and the introduction of PowerPoint presentations provided a sea change in learning for me. However, the approaches in learning which have been used have developed significantly over the years. The educational projects we are involved in with Glasgow Caledonian University have focused on a ‘blended learning’ approach, as academia have tended to prefer this approach.

However, for our organisation, the defining moment was the impact of the Coronavirus on both ourselves and our clients. Until then, we were very much a face to face type organisation, where we delivered training and exercising within a classroom or training environment. Overnight, this way of training and learning stopped, possibly forever, and we were left to develop a different style of learning and development delivery.

For some organisations I encountered, online training involved putting a PowerPoint presentation on a learning and development platform, and having everyone click through each slide. The challenge we faced as an organisation was creating an online product which engaged proactively with the learners, and presented the learning material in an easy to assimilate form, which encouraged learning and retention of knowledge.

Overnight we have had to adapt and improve learning content to allow it to be delivered online in an effective manner, with the ability to monitor participant performance. We have been fortunate in having the right staff to do this, and have been able to develop security awareness training for staff at a basic level, while at the same time developing and delivering products for security professionals and management.

Who knows what faces us in the years ahead,however, I believe that catastrophes such as the Coronavirus present us with opportunities, as well as challenges, and the learning and development/human resources functions will  have a critical role to play in taking this forward to ensure their organisation's staff are suitably trained and empowered in the years to come.

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