ICAO Year of Security Culture Webinar

We thoroughly enjoyed tuning into the ICAO Year of Security Culture live webinar this week. We had the opportunity to hear from aviation bodies and authorities from around the globe on how they have pioneered and promoted the message that ‘Security is Everybodies Responsibility’. The ‘Year of Security Culture’, an ICAO led campaign was developed to encourage awareness and active implementation of best security practices across the aviation sector - further heightening security culture through industry led initiatives. Thanks to all the speakers for sharing their security initiatives and reviews from the campaign and to The International Civil Aviation Organization for organising an insightful and enjoyable event.

As part of the YOSC (Year of Security Culture) campaign, ICAO launched a short Video Challenge to actively promote ‘Security Culture’ in an entertaining format. We were delighted to have our entry featured in the webinar and on the website, and equally happy to actively contribute to the promotion of aviation security culture.

Congratulations to the winners of the video challenge: Tacoma International Airport, showcasing team embedded security practices and culture across their workforce.

Our contribution to the video challenge ‘Cultivating Security Culture’ is posted below and uploaded with the rest of the entries and YOSC news on the ICAO website :

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