Insider Risk in Aviation

The outside threat to airports is mitigated by security that has improved greatly over the last decade. There is however, one area of threat that has been far harder to mitigate against. It is an area that has become an increasing threat to the aviation sector, and CAMOR have witnessed a growing number of insider risk crimes year on year.

Insider threats can take many forms

that can range from activities aligned from financial gain through to terrorism.  The key issue with an insider is that they are already part of the airport workforce, they carry a pass, they may have access to sensitive or restricted areas of an airport, they understand the security measures in place and are in a strong position to exploit these.  Insiders are already in a position of trust and as such are hard to identify unless the motivations of an insider or the indicators of insider activity are known or identified.

The UK has rightly implemented a mandatory requirement from the UK Department for Transport (DfT)/CAA for Airports to have an Insider Risk Awareness programme in place by January 2022.  

Insider threat programmes should include:

  • Implementation of robust and effective vetting methods
  • Implementation of training, followed by exercising, across the workforce for awareness, identification and response, including reporting mechanisms to insider risk
  • Comprehensive governance, ensuring insider risk policy sits across all departments of an organisation

Embedding insider threat training for any company or institution is a long-term strategy, it is not something that you can just ‘bolt on’; it has to become part of an internal mindset and security culture across the entire workforce.

At CAMOR we have not only placed a more informative insider risk module in our GSAT, we have also developed a specific Insider Risk online foundation interactive awareness course and one day Employee Vulnerability and Insider Risk leadership course for Aviation which complies with DfT/CAA requirements. Due to its online accessibility, this foundation course has generated interest from several international airports for this training.

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