Let's Develop the Person Within a Learning Cycle

‘Hatches, matches and dispatches. The nickname given to the personnel and training role many years ago. The past few years have changed the way, we work and our working practices, however, people will always need to be inducted, trained and guided in their roles and careers despite the changes.

A short article on CAMOR's vision of staff development by our Director of Operations Joe Gallagher

Let's Develop the Person Within a Learning Cycle

But I can't afford to lose staff to training days

The development of staff through a career progression system that engages and empowers individuals to work with employers to find the best fit for both, serves many purposes.

Essentially it provides a workforce with confidence that they will be trained, developed, and exercised in the requisite skills to deal with situations and opportunities that they may face in the moments that matter to achieve optimal results for the employer and the employee.

We at CAMOR work in partnership with our clients to conduct bespoke training needs analysis (if required) for each stage of development, and supply subject delivery (courses) relating to safety and security. CAMOR provide advice and guidance on coaching, mentoring, experiential learning, and the use of reflective learning techniques to consolidate the learning experiences of the individual.

Our vision of a continuous personal development cycle incorporates our courses throughout the induction phase, whereby individuals are formally trained and integrated into their role. A development phase where an employee works under guidance in the role and is assessed against differing criteria until they are determined to be competent, the benefits of which are many. The cycle, by its’ nature is continuous, to compliment employer’s appraisal systems and refresher training needs, and is above all flexible, whereby one does not need to attain the knowledge, skills and understanding in all areas to be deemed a competent employee.

So what? At CAMOR we recognise that in a post COVID era any recovery will take time.

Employers face a future of workforce restructuring, and to use a well-worn phrase ‘doing more with less’. In an era where the way we work has changed and the traditional roles undertaken by staff are becoming blended roles, the need for quality upskilling, training and continuous development is essential.

Our fully rated and vetted suite of courses ranging from 1 to 3 days in duration attract academic credit points. The courses encompass various subject matter and should be considered suitable for all staff and not just those within the workforce tasked with roles. Furthermore, our courses address the affordability of losing staff to training days by focusing on the essential to know and understand (micro teach) coupled with the development of skills (micro exercises).

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