Online Security Awareness Training

Featuring Protect Duty Themes

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Email: info@camor.co.uk
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Online Security Awareness Training for Employees

CAM-SAT is dynamic, interactive Online Security Awareness Training for employees suitable for all industries. The course features Protect Duty themes within the content covering the fundamentals in counter terrorism training. The course is:

  • Dynamic, interactive and engaging
  • Online e-learning
  • Accessible and easily implemented
  • Features Protect Duty counter terrorism topics
  • Comprehensive - covering vital security topics such as Insider threat & Social engineering
  • Auditable and trackable via a LMS
  • Measurable with official testing
  • Proven completion with printable certificate
  • Provides security upskill opportunities for all staff
  • Heightens organisations security cultures and awareness

Tel:+44 (0) 131 2735157
Email: info@camor.co.uk

Protect Duty Consultation

Many large organisations, following recommendations from the Manchester Arena Inquiry will have to adhere to the forthcoming Protect Duty Consulation- with a "Duty to Protect” their staff and members of the public, and a requirement to implement effective Counter Terrorism Training as a compulsory component for all employees.

Protect Duty

We have incorporated Protect Duty themes within a comprehensive Online General Security Awareness Course. Employees will not only be upskilled in counter terrorism training but other valuable security topics including Insider Risk, Social Engineering and Personal Safety.

The course, 8 modules in total features animation, video, graphics and interactivity to engage and maximise the learning experience. Modules differentiate key topics and interactivity provides key interest and learning. Informal concept checking questions are integrated through out the course, and official auditable tests are in place to ensure the learner has passed and competed the course to a satisfactory level. A certificate will be issued on successful completion.

The course is accessible on all devices and links to the LMS, communicating valuable learner data which can be tracked, audited and analysed.

CAM- SAT, with it’s ease to implement and access, provides a digital solution for organisations to upskill their staff, and provides the perfect foundational training for more specialist courses suitable for managers and seniors within organisations.