Allan Stewart

Allan is a former Scottish Fire and Rescue Service fire officer who as a trained HAZMAT and Detection Identification and Monitoring (DIM) Advisor, provided guidance and advice at a wide range of specialist operational incidents involving a wide range of hazardous materials including individual chemical exposure. In addition he undertook the role of the Services lead for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) response over a period of six years.

As a National Interagency Liaison Officer (NILO) Allan has assisted in the development of the services MTA response. During operational incidents he assisted co-ordinate the multi-agency response ensuring its effectiveness and the safety of attending resources and public. He has provided training to partner agencies in the role of the fire service’s NILO, DIM Advisor and CBRN response.

As the Specialist Capability Lead for the Service he has held Developed Vetting clearance, and was a lead contributor to the Multi-Agency Scene Assessment Team (MASAT) development and training in relation to the London Olympics 2012, the XXth Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014 and the European Championships 2018.

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Allan Stewart
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