David Cole

As an Associate of CAMOR, David brings a deep knowledge and experience of security vetting and commercial background screening.

Having worked for several of the biggest names in global background checks for a dozen years since 2003, David switched to providing independent consultancy for employers, service providers, recruitment agencies, private equity firms, and regulators across the world.

David’s passion for background checks was ignited while working at the coalface as a screening investigator, vetting staff for roles at the world’s highest profile financial services companies. With checks on candidates revealing links to terrorism, drug smuggling, fraud, and to organised crime, the decision to devote his career to vetting was made.

With first-hand knowledge of exactly what tools background screeners need to do their jobs effectively, he has worked with numerous specialist suppliers to develop and improve the performance of their products and services.

Operating across all sectors, David now helps organisations understand the importance of continuous vetting and identifies where and how improvements need to be made within their vetting programme to become more efficient and effective at combatting insider risk and fraud.

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