Georgina Ridgley

MA, BA(hons), FdA, DipLCM

Manager of Marketing and Learning for CAMOR, Georgina leads the design and execution of innovative, digital e-learning courses and marketing content for the company.

Georgina has a background in both teaching and design. She gained her master's from Norwich University of the Arts, specialising in digital textile design and holds a bachelor's and foundation degree in Fashion Textiles from Brighton University and the London College of Fashion. Throughout her design journey she has been nominated for national awards, collaborated, and worked with a range of designers as well as travel overseas to develop and understand the works of makers from different countries.

Georgina also has a diverse portfolio in teaching encompassing both online and traditional classroom tutoring, where she has put her design skills and strong command of technology into practice through lesson planning and curricular design. Georgina enjoys merging her skill sets in both design and education to create e-learning content.

As a digital multidisciplinary designer Georgina is proficient in designing a range of design elements including graphics, infographics, documents, video, animation and e-learning courses for the company. She has a strong interest in brand identity and digital marketing.

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