Paul McDonald

BA (Hons), MSc, AVSEC PM, MSyl

Paul is CAMOR’s founder and Chief Executive Officer. He is an accredited ICAO and UK Aviation Security Professional Manager, and UK Department for Transport certified instructor in Aviation Security training.

Paul is the former elected Chair of the UK Airport Police Commanders Group, setting strategic direction across UK Aviation Policing and representing UK Aviation Policing on the management Board of AIRPOL. He authored a National Guidance Document on Aviation Policing and his contribution was recognised having been awarded a National “Protect and Prepare” Commendation by the UK Counter Terrorism Policing Unit.


In his Police career Paul served many years as a Detective Officer across multiple investigative, intelligence and covert policing branches, including Counter Corruption and Pro-Active units. First in his class Detective Training, Paul was recognised for his innovative interviewing techniques, and was twice nominated for a Policing Excellence Award.

Paul continues to work with a number of major Airports in the UK and Internationally, appointed as an Aviation Security Expert, to audit and review existing security planning.


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With Department for Transport (DfT) Certified Instructors, CAMOR are a UK  Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Registered Training Provider