Ross Bowerman

Ross Bowerman is an associate trainer for CAMOR. With acurrent role in Security Product Management and running Security OperationsCentres, Ross’s background is law enforcement and intelligence, having spent 15years in Police Scotland, in various roles but relevant ones are serving as aDetective in the National High-Tech Crime Unit, and as a trainer at theScottish Police College on communications data, open-source research and othercomputer-related activities. Ross has lectured at GCHQ on high-tech subjectsand has been involved in Bitcoin since its inception. Ross holds the followingqualifications:

•             CertifiedInformation Systems Security Professional - issued Jan 2016

•             CertifiedChief Information Security Officer - issued Feb 2017

•             CertifiedCloud Practitioner (AWS) - issued July 2019

•             CertifiedInformation Privacy Professional (European specialty) - issued Sept 2019

•             JuniorPenetration Tester - issued March 2018

•             CertifiedBitcoin Professional - issued Feb 2020

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